Australia VPS Server

A VPS is a smart virtualized container created through heavy duty full fledge machines by distributing its resources like RAM, Space, Processors into different parts to acquire dedicated usage facility separately for each instance. Buying VPS Server in Australia means, you need devoted allocation of assets on live machine to run any operating system along with the freedom of executing any Administrator level commands, you, for the time being do not have budget to pay for a bare metal server, you want to resell but everything before mention must contain a factor as the lowest Oceanic latency with high end data security. Don’t waste any more time in finding quality company who may offer your cloud VPS with Australian IP but take the advantage of our good packages in great prices. Having a vast virtualization expertise and deployment this same infrastructure from about half of world's numerous locations put us on the top mature companies who can facilitate nodes for your convenient, reliable and safe devoted hosting workaround. We guarantee best SLA among our competitors, shared fastest 10 Gbps internet ports for quickest delivery of network, internal strong routers and firewall system, including DDoS protection to have an intrusion proof journey, Stat of the art most modern NVMe storage to give an extra boost to your online accessibility, Number of ISP carriers to ensure the availability of different IP ranges with firmness of internet connection, Free IPv4 and /128 IPv6 ranges and ahead of all a liberty of utilization of your acquired instance for all legit purposes like Gaming, Proxy, Web, Email and database servers. In other words, we are here to deal with any sort of needs, anyone require remotely with a divergence to have dedicated hosting from Oceanic surface in most economical costs.

VPS Hosting Australia



Sydney VPS Plans

Whatever your audience type, whatever number of concurrent traffic you are expecting, whatever you goal you want to achieve from a virtualized environment, whatever convenience and ease of work you are looking for, at least one of below mentioned Sydney bases VM plan must fulfil your demands. So, compare packages, click on order, configure, insert desired OS, include add-ons, pay and let us serve you in best possible manners.

vCPU RAM SSD NVMe BW / Port Price
V1 01 2 GB 40 GB 1 TB / 250Mbps US$.34
V2 02 4 GB 80 GB 2 TB / 500Mbps US$.49
V3 04 8 GB 160 GB 3 TB / 1Gbps US$.89
V4 08 8 GB 160 GB 4 TB / 2Gbps US$.139
V5 08 16 GB 320 GB 4 TB / 2Gbps US$.199

Full Root

You will be the master of your allocated resources, root access with Linux and Administrator for Windows, freedom to install any software, selection of OS and everything would be in your control.

Scalable Resources

No doubts that you are ordering a VM but at the same time it can act as cloud compute because we allow increment of specific resources like Memory, Storage, Number of Cores and monthly traffic as add-on.

Quick Setup

We are in process of automating whole the system yet for the time being, it must not take us more than 24 hours maximum to provision a virtual machine after order and receiving payment.

Best Sydney Virtual Private Hosting in Cheap Price

Stat of the art datacenter in a popular city of Australia, equipped with whole modern infrastructure including top branded machines, sophisticated style of networking, Cooling, Security and multiple Power options and for VM generation, Kernel based Virtual Machines are being processed for remote access. About all common and mostly used operating systems and numerous Linux distributions as well as Windows licensed version are available for selection and installation. Higley educated technical team and system admins are always available on their duties to process provision and fixing networking issues. Alert system is in place in case of severe data breach, hardware and networking failure and special support in scenarios when you get stuck with your machine or it get shut down due to over resources consumptions. These are some of the factors which make our offered platform a best place to start and continue for your Virtual Private Server in Australia needs. Our main versatility in this respect is the rates and cost we impose for each instance provisioning which is totally unmatched and fully discounted to keep Dedicated hosting in reach of every person and organization.

Virtual Machines Valuable Features

We are top in the market of Server and DNS Australia for Plenty of reasons the eye catching features that put us into the top web hosting service provider list in Australia are as following:

NVMe SSD Storage

Not by just CPU, you would experience speed in term of Storage as Well.

Multi CPU Latest Intel Processors

Speed of server gonna be rocket fast thanks to our Xeon processor series CPUs.

Huge Bandwidth

Starting from 1TB of bandwidth to 4TB with various pre defined plans.

Unlimited MySQL and FTP Accounts

Your server resources are in your control limit is nothing, create whatever number of Mysql or FTP accounts you need.

Semi-Managed Virtualization

In case of any internal issue, hard reboots or re-installation of OS, you can submit a support ticket.

Shell Access

Offer shell SSH access for Linux distributions and Admin access with Windows OS with default ports.

Best Performance to Your Apps!

Expect best utilization of assets you have because there we deliver what we commit and what is mentioned on our website.

Valuable Add-ons

Despite purchasing separate control panel licenses or in case you need more accessories, we have add-on facility for you to select.


What is minimum contract length?

Proof of being trustable company and the confidence about having recurring orders is that we offer services without any specified contract, simply buy a VM for a month and later it is you will whether you want to renew or not.

What is server delivery time?

After getting an order and confirmation of payment, it merely take 6-12 hours for delivery of credentials via ticket system though maximum time for provisioning must not go beyond 24 hours.

Allocated IPv4 belongs to Australia?

Yes, of course, we have various locations to present services but this portal particularly deal with the infrastructure and IPs which are assigned to Sydney origin so don’t worry about location of IPs.

What are available payment methods?

After configuring and signing up, you would be offered currently two most known and widely used payment gateways as PayPal and Crypto currency to pay, choose one suits you best though you can change later.

How to Hard Reboot or Re-install a VPS?

At any stage, if you feel that you get your software corrupted and require an OS re-installation or you thought by having a hard reboot, you can recover things, submit a ticket, we will act as fast as we can.

How to scale up or down?

After getting your virtual machine provisioned, you can order different valuable add-ons, can upgrade several resources through your client area or ask our support team to help in this regard.