Australian Dedicated Hosting

Oceana is consisted about upon a whole continent, a piece of earth which is far away from rest of the world but technologically and economically strong enough to be considered as a wealthy market. Though large number of commodities, goods and services are being produced and generated with in the territory but yet various tricky area where one can make its space. Keeping in view these few facts, it is always worthy to take maximum benefits from today's most advanced and fastest changing technology of internet to work with local presence or remotely without any physical existence for this particular point of sale. Why you need specific Australian based hosting infrastructure to have maximum grip of presence is because IT, networking technology and search engines admire a material or data which populates from a particular region for a targeted audience. There could be so many uses of such technique and to obtain such platform, it all depends upon your requirements and resources needed for launching a certain app or websites. As per our suggestion and experts of this filed, one should not compromise on the standard and control of bought services so one should go with dedicated hosting type which can be in Virtualization or full dedicated machine form.

VPS Hosting Australia


VPS Hosting Australia

VPS Hosting Australia

An option of dedicated hosting which can be acquired quickly, in budget prices, with multiple operating systems, liberty of lowering and increasing assigned or purchased resources, quickest re-installation, with about all associated add-ons under tier III local datacenter is VPS hosting Australia. Usually such virtual machines perform better and greater in all kinds of hosting types due to their utilities, ease of surfing, instant installation of OS and lower rates. Keeping in view these factors and through our experience of decades, we are presenting this kind of platform from Sydney DC which is totally capable of being tested in any environment due to the way instance are virtualized through KVM technology, advanced equipment, specially Nvme storage, provisioning of virtual private servers with default OS accessibility ports and un-restricted allowance for utilizing allocated resources. Variety of operating systems like Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, FreeBSD and Latest versions of Windows are under your finger tips to get them installed. Ensure the least latency and ping rate with multiple stable and secure internet connections. DDoS mitigation is available as free add-on which may allow you to not being hurt by most common kinds of attacks. Autonomy to buy uplink duration as per your will with no restrictive contract along with the hands of using your machine in your own fashion under unabusive terms.

  • Linux / Windows OS Support
  • IPv4 and /128 IPv6
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Tier III+ DC
  • DDOS Mitigation
  • Scale up or down
Dedicated Server Australia


Dedicated Server Australia

Dedicated Server in Australia

#1 Dedicated Server Provider company in Australia. Presenting Latest server with Xeon series Intel CPUs, DDR3/4 ram single to multi core processors. Presenting reliable options for almost every class of peoples with various number of options to select and install your machines with your desired operating systems. Basically, we are committed to bring you live with your business idea with fastest servers’ forms and cheapest price plans from within the Australian territory. 1Gbps internet shared connection with least loaded ports is connected with each machine for fastest deliverability and transfer of data. Maximal amount of monthly traffic is included with each server which is upgradeable upon your requirements. Those who are latency conscious and require instant loading speed for exceptional audience reside in Australian continent with an ambition to tackle maximum concurrent users and quickest insertion as local business in search engine with full supremacy on the resources and devoted use can embrace dedicated server in Australia to fulfill all of their demands. We also welcome those who are not okay with available components, elements or resources but looking for special instructed and customary developed machines.

  • Lowest Ping and Latecny
  • Multiple IPv4 Ranges
  • No Yearly Contracts
  • 1Gbps Shared Networking Port
  • Choice of OS Linux or Windows
  • 24-72 Working Hours Provisioning

Powerful Servers Perfect for Any USE

Whether you decided to deploy a dedicated server or going to buy a VPS Server, you will be granted maximal convenience in sense of all advanced infrastructure and features which can be comparable with any international datacenter. If you will browse respective pages and inserted data in them you will find that about 99% free and paid utilities are already packed with each readymade plan though we make sure that we will continue adding up more novelty to boost the performance and security. As per our commitment, we have present full featured dedicated hosting from Australia but you can still ping us if you need even an advanced, complex or custom networking or hardware solution.

  • Branded top graded Equipment
  • Uninterrupted mulitiple ISP Carriers
  • Maxumim guaranteed SLA
  • 24 hours harddware replacement
  • In control prices for main and allied elements

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